Friends in High Places: Tiffney

I know its been what seems like forever since my last post... February to be exact.  But at least I'm coming to you with a great new feature.  Its time to meet another one of my friends who happen to be in a really high place (see what I did there?)

Everybody meet Tiffney



This post is particularly rewarding for me because I finally get to introduce you guys to one of the ladies who is responsible for giving me my first live art platform.  Tiffney is amongst the creatives I met during another live art event that I attended for my best friend.  

She is one of the founders of iSupport Dreams Inc alongside Chelsey Pough, Dominic Haynes and JaVaris Robinson.

iSupport Dreams Inc is an non profit organization geared towards empowering our youth and community via the arts, mentorship and community service.

Pulling together resources and creating opportunities like Black Magic are no easy feat and I absolutely commend the founders of iSupport Dreams Inc. who are each so selfless in their efforts to push the culture forward and give the youth an opportunity.  

Thank you!




We decided to shoot in the nations oldest city, good ole' St. Augustine Florida.  It was such a busy day full of tourists and other local city dwellers who wanted to soak up a good day.  And boy was it happening!  You'd though it was the movie premier for Black Panther all over again because trying to find parking was absolutely horrible.  It took us nearly an hour to find somewhere to park.

None-the-less, I was sure that I wouldn't allow my frustration from t parking to ruin the mood of our shoot.  This was especially the case when I finally had Tiffney in sight.  Once we were finally able to reunite, I was able to see that she brought her suit case!  Pardon my excitement but to a photographer a suit case means options.  She did NOT disappoint. 

Shall we take a look below....


...And so far this has been just our first look.  

Throughout the day we received continued interruptions of our daily scheduled programming to receive compliments on Tiffney's look.  St Augustine loved her and her diamond infused pumps.  The colors were vibrant and my camera loved everything about her also.  As i've always said, you can always tell if you're going to have a good shoot if the energy around you responds on your side.  

Check out our shoot below.




Today's shoot features styling by Rex-D

W****** FOREVER!

Tiffney's clutch by Rex-D


Domo, fashion designer and stylist.  Fashions available via Rex-D.

P.S.  Come out and see more of Domo and his brand Rex-D during Black Magic 2!


Remember when I said the energy was good?  I absolutely love working with models or having a subject who is not only unafraid of risks but who also do not take themselves so seriously.  Tiffney made our shoot so easy.  We cracked jokes and laughed the ENTIRE day.  As you can see below, its those candid moments that I strive to capture and turn into art.  The candid shots are absolutely some of my favorites.

The day reminded me of why I enjoy being a photographer.  


During the day Tiff is apart of City Year.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept, City Year Jacksonville is a Non-Profit Organization serving the students and communities of Jacksonville.  They help students with attendance, provide socio-emotional support, provide tutoring opportunities in Math and English and help  students to reach their full potential.

Read more about City Year here.  


As Tiff and I chatted, I asked her to elaborate more on what it is she does outside of iSupport Dreams.  After she enlightened me on City Year (which I was so uninformed about), I was blown away by her selflessness and commitment to be her full self.  I asked her, "Is there anything that you can't/won't do."  She answered...

Not when it comes to my kids! People think I have children [of my own]. My scholars are not just my students, they are my babies. I have an obligation to love them and educate them.

I absolutely love people who not only know what their calling is but also have the confidence to commit whole-heartedly to it. She is selfless 24/7.

Queen Ish!!
— Clutch by Rex-D
[I’d] like to highlight our brother Jerry Brown. He was murdered January 28th 2016 in his aunts driveway. It was a cold case of murder because he genuinely had no enemies. I just want to bring awareness to the community that we have to do better about protecting our own.
We have to do better.
— -Tiffney Funches

We love and miss him dearly and will continue out his Superman Legacy with the youth of Jacksonville.

R.I.P. Jerry


Thank you Tiffney for being such an amazing and easy subject and for your overall spirit.  You are a beam of positivity and its nice to have people like you around.  You are a gift to the community and for each and every person you come across.  I hope you receive continued inspiration to keep up all the amazing work and strides for the community.  Thanks for pushing the culture forward and for your dedication to our youth.  The world needs more people like you!

Be sure to tell Tiffney what an amazing job she did for our shoot.  You can comment her below and if you want to do one better, you can come out and meet the woman face to face, May 19th, during Black Magic 2.  You can get tickets now by clicking the link below.  

Buy Tickets now: Black Magic 2 Live Art Museum

Keep up with Tiff via her Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

Special Thanks to Domo for accompanying Tiffney during our shoot and lending fashions from his brand Rex-D.  He was the perfect voice to my thoughts and made sure to keep Tiffney looking fly the entire shoot.  See more of Domo's design via his Instagram and Facebook.

Give some love and support to iSupport Dreams: Facebook & Instagram