Friends in High Places: Simone


With the turn of the new year well underway, one of the goals I set for myself is recommitting myself to working out and getting into better shape.  Amongst those goals I decided I’d reintroduce yoga into my life.  Years ago (when I was a young thang) I’d practice yoga rather frequently.  I would practically fall into a yoga pose around anyone at any given time.  While I have been doing a better job with getting to the gym, I hadn’t exactly started up my yoga yet.


Well I finally got the push from the universe…. everyone meet my new friend Simone.



Simone is a creative who resides in my hometown of Jacksonville by way of Valdosta Georigia.  We met in an introductory meeting for the Black Magic  2 event that we both have been asked to be a part of and contribute to (more on that coming later :-)


Coming from someone who reads and navigates life based on energies and charges, I immediately got a good vibe from Simone. It was the kind of vibe that invites positivity and encourages creativity.  When she introduced herself to the crew and explained her talent my creativity went into overdrive.  I immediately thought to myself “We have got to work together!” I passed my business cards around in hopes of getting any collaborations going and praying that she would reach out.  Thank God she did!


Fast forward to today…




Simone has been in practice of yoga for nearly 6 years  Just witnessing her ability during our photoshoot has definitely encouraged me to work on my form.  She makes it seem so effortless. I couldn’t tell you how many stop and stare moments we had in the park while passerbyers watched with their jaws dropped. 

Not only had the universe and weather been on our side… but so had the people around us.  So many of the people nearby were accommodating and inviting and some even offered to clear the way so that we could shoot in their spots (thanks again kind folks.) 

It all just goes to show you that if you emit positivity it comes right back at you.   Take a look below.

The greatest benefit [yoga] has brought me is clarity and self realization. I could go on forever with the benefits.
— Simone



Having tought yoga for nearly 2 years now, Simone teaches yoga and also offers adult classes on Wednesday evenings. 



Now, you KNOW I wasn't about to let Simone just waltz away after we wrapped yoga and meditation poses.  You know the catch... we HAD to get us a photoshoot in.  

We'd coordinated and I asked Simone to bring in an outfit that she wouldn't mind modeling in.  And boy did she not disappoint.



We'd ventured over to Riverside Memorial park where again, everything was on our side.  It was such an amazing, breezy, afternoon.  Perfect Lighting!!  Aahh!!  Simone stopped by Starbucks to transform their bathroom into her personal dressing room so she could get changed out of her yoga gear.  I decided to sit outside to prevent myself from swiping my debit card.  I'm quite proud of myself that I resisted.

A few moments later, it was like those scenes in Disney movies, I turned around and here she is!!   It was that slow motion kind of walk that slowly makes everything around it disappear.  All the sudden sun was shining from around her, the wind blowing her train behind her, and her locs, I'm convinced, were shining in gold!  I nearly leaped off of the bench.  Simone looked so great!!  



Adorned in what I now call royal green, the park embraced her just like me and my camera did.  The earth was the perfect accent.  The light found her, she didn't have to look for it. 


More from our shoot below.






If you ever want to try your hand at yoga, attend one of Simone’s classes at the YouFit over in Arlington.  My cousin and I plan to attend tonight’s secession which starts at 6pm.  If you mention that Simone sent you, classes are only $5 a secession. 

If I don't see you there,  I’ll be sure to let you guys know how our secession went.  I'm so excited!


Thanks again Simone for lending your talents and beauty to my camera.  Everyone be sure to comment below and let her know what a phenomenal job she did.  Isn’t she drop dead gorgeous?!

Check her instagram: @omyogamo


Catch us at the Black Magic 2: Live Art Musuem, May 19th @ Wonderland Jax.  Tickets are only $10 in advance and $15 at the door.  Come and be a part of something great!!  Check Event Brite now!