Exhibition: Portrait of Sisterhood

I was raised by a single mother, who was born to a woman who birthed 6 other women.  Needless to say the women to men ratio is slightly higher in my family and that's not even considering my paternal family.

Being raised by a single mother It should come as no surprise that I hold women in particular regard. The only species on this planet that wields the power to bear, nurture, and give birth to another human all while adhering to the expectations and obligations she has to her life outside of her fetus.

I encourage that you do not take my praising of women as a way to discount fathers.  My desire to highlight a women's roll during child bearing is not to diminish the roll of fathers or to make them unimportant but simply to acknowledge that it takes a certain strength to carry a child to term and birth it from a womb....men simply aren't strong enough for that task.

Surrounded by women and having befriended women throughout my life I've always looked at women with an unwavering fondness.  All shapes, sizes, creeds, complexities, hair types, colors and skin tones.  She is beautiful.  The way a woman dresses herself up, the way she brushes her hair, the way she applies make-up or the way she is just as confident without it. The way she cares for her child while simultaneously attending a business meeting and planning whats for dinner that night.  The way she graduates high school early and is already aligning her life goals.  The way she is able to live her life without worrying when she is to meet her husband. The way she is...beautiful.


 So, as to show my appreciation for the black women as black history month closes, here is: Portrait of Sisterhood.



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Ok ladies, now lets get in fomration. 



Colors and textures.  What an amazing sight to behold.  Look my beloved, you glow! 



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 It was such a reward to be around these ladies.  There were no moments of forcing one another to get along, there were no egos involved, there was no drama.  The aura and energy each of the ladies brought to the shot really elevated the mood during our shoot.  I heard the ladies building one another up, giving compliments and even giving suggestions on how to pose.  I especially felt good that through this shoot the ladies were able to forge a friendship. 



 Portrait of Sisterhood.