Black Magic: My First Showing

So guess what I did this Friday night, I'll give you a few seconds to think about it.....

Ok, times up.

If you guessed that I would be displaying my work then you are right!!  Too bad I don't have any prizes or a CrackerJack box to reward you with.  

Last month when I went to support my best friends Exhibition of Excellence show, camera in tow, I was approached with the opportunity to display some of my work at an upcoming art event. Fast forward to Friday night and boom, the Black Magic Live Art event is whats happening in the city.


Spoken word, music, fashion, art, photography, good conversation, everyone  dressed to the 9's, good vibes everywhere, what more could you ask for?  It was such a riveting experience and I am so glad I seized the opportunity to join.

Whats so wonderful about being creative is that when it comes down to networking with other creatives, it doesn't quite feel like a business transaction.  Often times when we are trying to "sell" ourselves and our businesses in corporate America it sometimes feel more like a task than an reward.  However, coming in come in contact with other creatives is something different, entirely.  The conversation is no longer "what can you do for me," it becomes "what can we do for one another" 

Even though I was super excited to finally have a platform to broadcast my work locally, I was just as excited to be in proximity of other photographers.  Now that's and experience I've never had before. Having someone ask you "50mm?" is something I've always longed for (pardon my photography technical talk).  Having another photographer be interested in your work is always flattering.

As nerve wracking as it is to put your best foot forward and open yourself to the universe, I'm incredibly thankful to my family and friends who came out to support.  Its one experience when a complete stranger is able to connect with you over your work, but its another when your family and friends are able to do the same.  I'm not sure I would have been able to highlight this experience with such admiration If it had not been for their love, support, and words of encouragement. 

I met some really amazing people that night and I cannot wait to work with them.  

I'd like to give a special thanks to Ashley and the iSupport Dreams team for the opportunity.  It was truly an incredible event and our city needs more of your presence.  

Even though I was busy the entire night, I did find a few moments to get a few shutters in.  Here are some pics from the event.  Hope you enjoy!







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