Friends in High Places: Deandria





After the revamp of the website I decided that I would create a few new series in an effort to spruce things up around here.  It's my hope that these new series will not only bring in some consistency for you, but for me as well.   So with that, I welcome you to the the "Friends in High Places" series.  I will begin introducing you guys to some of my friends who are out doing some amazing things with their respective crafts.  The catch?  They all have to agree to step in front of my lens. 

And if today's picture caught your attention you may have found a familiar face.

Its Deandira!


Back when I upgraded my camera, Deandria was the first model I got to test it with.  Our pictures turned out flawless and I learned what a great subject she is for the lens!  The portraits we captured that day went on to become the face of my business cards and since have been updated all throughout the site.  Dee also helped to bring my vision to life with the Portrait of Sisterhood project.  Needless to say...get used to seeing this face.


It's not just through the modeling lens that you will get used to seeing her, Deandria is also a licensed barber and MUA.  The girl can cut some hair and beat your face! LOL.  Don't worry fellas, your tape up will be on point and in line.  I've linked her Instagram below so you can see for yourself.  

If you are in the Jacksonville area or plan on being here, stop by Raw Cuts Barbershop and get your hair cut.  Ask for Dee.

Beat the line by booking now through Style Seat.

Show Deandira some love.  Comment below and follow her Instagram @deenyce_ladybarber

Thanks for viewing. 

 P.S.  She did her own make up for the shoot.