Exhibition: The Lady in Red

You ever come across someone who's personality is rewardingly infectious? When they laugh, it makes you laugh.  When they smile you cant help but find yourself smiling as well.  There is something so special about people who are able to foster good energy and rally those around them.  

Well, let me introduce you to Tamarra....again.


If she looks familiar to you its probably because you recognize her from an earlier post.  Tamara was the live art model you saw adorned in full body art by my best friend during February's Exhibition of Excellence.  As I watched art imitate life, I couldn't help but imagine what great portraits she would make.  And P.S.  She had the same smile as she did then as she did on the day of our shoot.

Everyone, meet the lady in red.



I had such an amazing time during our shoot.  I've found that the best portraits are a direct product of the energy of the model, your team team and the photographer.   Tamarra maintained such a positive attitude throughout our early morning shoot and she was even gracious enough to excuse and oblige the many times I exclaimed "OK, just one more shot."  I found myself laughing all throughout our shoot.  Did I mention she is funny too?  And with a smile as gorgeous, who wouldn't want to show it off? 



This series was inspired after watching MIA's music video for her song P.O.W.A.  I needed an excuse to dress a woman up with an infinity scarf but I also wanted to make sure I exercised my own creative license.   And what better person to help me execute the many ideas bouncing around in my head then my own best friend?  Phedre is responsible for the make up that you see dusted across Tamarra's face.  Even though she if perfect for the job, I wanted more than just a pretty face.  We went with the idea of tribal markings...Tamarra's earrings are by mere coincidence.  But that's what I find so rewarding about photography.  The details that you don't plan.   Her earrings shaped after Africa was the perfect tip to add to the tribal esque theme we captured.  Perfection.











I would like to give a huge THANK YOU  to my lovely model Tamarra and my best friend Phedre for helping me to bring my vision to life.  I'm so proud of the work we created.  Get more from these talented people by clicking the links to their Instagram pages now: @Tamarra@Phedre 

Be sure to let em' know what a great job they did!






 Lady in red.