Dear Journal


I decided to venture out and soak in the scenery after my client secession Saturday afternoon.   I couldn't recall the last time I had a moment to capture some street photography so I was super excited to see what would come of it.  The day hadn't been all too promising already.   Aside from the wonderful family portraits I'd shot just moments ago, everything else attempted to ruin my creative mood.  The sky was wide open with gray drops of water, I'd forgotten my earbuds at home so no music to vibe to and my nerves were at an all time high for the wedding I'd have to work later that day.  Excuse the run on sentence but hopefully you catch my anxiety.

But like the ever positive person I try to be,  I decided I'd press on.  Whats the worst that could happen anyway?  Well, at the very least,  I'd have a memory card full of photos that would never see the light of day.  

For some reason I'd lost my zest for street photography recently.  I blame the familiarity with my city.  I've lived in Jacksonville my whole life so there is only so many ways to see the same sights.  So much so that my need for travel is about boiling over.  Someone send me a flight to somewhere!  Seriously.  Just drop me, my camera, and a weeks worth of clothes and coffee to wherever you send me.    


Wishful thinking...



My client meet had been over in the Riverside area.  If my city had an art/hipster scene, this would be one of three possible scenes...And that's not saying much.  After we wrapped our hour of family portraits, I walked around the area and captured moments I thought would help convey my mood.  If I had a mood ring, it would read monochromatic green with hints of blush gold.   


The next couple of pics give me a vibe.  Even though I have yet to plant my feet in the warm sands of the Caribbean beach, these photos remind of the islands.  Can you believe that summer is coming to a close?  I hate to see it go but I am sort of anxious for what the winter will long as its not the White Walkers.  If you catch the reference drop me a line in the comments.  LOL.



I love greenery.  Im an earth sign to the core.  This plant really struck me when I saw it.  Its big and green and just as odd as its ever wanted to be.  My kind of plant.