Friends In High Places: Foxx


I'm so incredibly lucky to find myself among other very talented individuals. And the extra special part comes in when those talented individuals happen to be photogenic.

For today's Friends in High Places, I bring you....Foxx


In case you may be wondering to yourself, "Where have I seen her?" Foxx is actually the cover art for my "Come With Me: Black Opal" blog post.  I remember seeing her at the event and immediately thinking that I absolutely had to work with her.  I finally built the courage to give her my card and now here she is.



Foxx is a local artist by way of Jacksonville Florida but has recently relocated to the big ATL.  I love her work as it is so vivid and attractive.  The work speaks for itself and challenges its viewer to question each brush stroke and encourages you to reach deep into the realms of your own curiosity. Check out more of her work below.  Jump into the foxxhole.



If anybody knows anything about me, its that I've always been drawn to self expression.  I admire those who are brave enough to let their outer layers match their creative expression. Foxx encapsulates all of the above.  Aren't these portraits fire?!

Working with her was incredibly easy.  She is spirited, full of life and her laugh is gorgeous.  I got so many great candid shots of us just joking and laughing that you would have thought the post was intentional. 

P.S.  She claims to never have modeled but I don't believe her for one second. Just look at how she controlled the light here:

AFD5C852-2DDE-42DE-B4FB-4382513C5F12 2.jpg

If you would like to purchase any of the works that you see here or to view more of Foxx's work, check her online presence:

Instagram & Facebook



Be sure to check out Foxx's pages and let her know what a phonemail job she did for our shoot.  I'm absolutely in love with her, her art and the portraits we were able to get.  I can't wait to work with her again.