Friends in High Places: Monishia


Good morning!  Or afternoon, depending on what time you're reading this. For this installment let me introduce you to one of my best friends, Monishia!


I met Mo a few years back.  Our career paths landed us working in the same department for a few years ever just see someone and you just know you want to befriend them?  LOL.  Well Monishia was totally that moment for me.

Monishia is the director and creator of Godly Vibes Only.  A newly launched podcast where she will deliver weekly inspiration to the everyday, career focused, God fearing, 30 somethings of the world today. 

I've had a birds eye view of the creation of this project so seeing it come to fruition is particularly rewarding for me.  Its always so enriching for me to see my loved ones following their dreams and coming up and reaching for their goals.  Hence were here...friends in high places. 

Lets get Mo in front of the camera.


This shoot was especially rewarding also.  Anyone who has ever picked up a camera will tell you what a great feeling it is to have things fall into place after a weather scare.   Saturday morning started off to a dark and cloudy Jacksonville.  My spirit was crushed and there was no coffee strong enough to bring my spirits back up.  I'd been so eager to work with Mo that I needed everything to flow according to plan.  Dark and cloudy skies were NOT apart of the plan.....I was prepared to call off the shoot and mope in a corner with my coffee. 

But thank God I didn't.... 


"I created

this podcast for those who want a relationship with God but don't know where to start."  -Monishia

Just like in Disney Movies, right as the clock struck zero, something amazing happened!  The sky cracked open with clear, bright and crisp skies.  Literally!  It was just like the moment you get when you finally see the UPS truck park in front of your house.  I swear God delivered us good vibes this day.

Godly Vibes...


Hailing from the big ATL and now located here in Jacksonville, Monishia is extremely down to earth and so fun to be around.  She is quite the comedian and just hearing stories from her point of view is enough to have you doubled over in laughter.  What I appreciate most about Mo is that she doesn't have the "do as I say and not as I do" attitude.  She actually walks the walk too!  We've prayed about so many situations together.

Mo has recorded and broadcasted two episodes of her podcast already. The latest episode, "Truth" was released just this morning!  Check her out and listen in now by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.  Look forward to weekly episodes all throughout 2018. 

Be sure to follow Monishia on social media for the latest updates.

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Y'all sound off below and let Monishia know how phenomenal she looks too.   She slayed this shoot didn't she?!  Something tells me that my camera and I may be seeing more of her.   :-)

More from our shoot below.

The wind gods were in our favor on this day.  I swear this black and white pic of Mo looks like an album cover. 

Click below to listen now!

Click to listen now!

Click to listen now!