Come With Me: Good Dough


If you're like myself and millions of others in the U.S. you spent the later half of yesterday afternoon building the courage to admit to yourself that Monday morning was less than 24 hours away.  And also, if you're like me, you were apart of millions of others that endured the harsh cold weather we experienced this weekend.  

Friday and Saturday was dark and cold and dreary and wet and it did not make for an inviting weekend.  So, needless to say, when I woke up Sunday morning to bright and clear skies I was determined to get out and enjoy the weather.

After my morning cup of coffee I decided I'd take my partner to Good Dough over in San Marco.  My cousin introduced me to the quaint little place a couple weekends ago and I just fell in love with this place.  

Photographed by Lavaris N.


I decided to snap some pics of my experience Sunday morning.  I figured I could read back on this post and reminisce over the weekend while I'm at work Monday morning. And since I know I'm not the only one that will have the weekend blues, I decided I'd share it with you too!

All photos were shot on my nifty little iPhone.   I'm always on the look for more local spots so be sure to let me know a few of your favorite little gems to eat at around the city.

The Rich Aunt!  ROTFL!!
Of course I had to try the locally roasted coffee.
Top: Fried Chicken
Bottom:  Ham, Egg, & Cheese
Both served in-between donuts.  :-)

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to check out Good Dough over on Hendrics Ave.  Happy Monday.