Photos by Najah L.

Born and raised in Jacksonville Florida I am a freelance photographer and artist.

At my best, I am out photographing everyday.   I believe that all the world is beauty and I only wish to highlight that from my perspective.  I first discovered my passion for photography after I was gifted with my first camera.  This was during the early years of grade school and my love of photography has only intensified since.  Photography is the vehicle to my creative expression and my goodwill effort to the world.  I am influenced by nature, natural light and self expression. I enjoy working with shadows and turning ordinary situations into thought provoking moments. I aim to add to the imagination of others and present beauty from a different perspective. 

Currently, I have two published works;  "Self-Titled" and "Peaceful."  My first publication “Self-Titled” chronicles a years journey after the purchase of my first DSLR camera while “Peaceful” provides a visual to Jacksonville’s 2016 Black Lives Matter protest. 

If you enjoy my photography work and would like to collaborate together feel free to contact me for my rates or check out my online store for framed and printed works.